Silicone…what’s the big fuss about??!

molecular make up of the infamous, most talked about...SILICONE

molecular make up of the infamous, most talked about…SILICONE

Hey loves! So, I am a member of a few natural hair pages on FB and I also have my own. Anyhoo, there have been some pretty intense conversations about silicones. Well, I’ve done some research on my own and have come to find that ‘cones are not good or bad for hair.

There are two types of silicones; water soluble and non-soluble silicones. Water soluble silicones are ones that can be washed away with water and nothing more. Non-soluble silicones are exactly the opposite of its soluble counterparts.

While there are two types of silicones, don’t be mislead, one is no better than the other. Neither of the ‘cones benefit the hair in any shape or form, they only coat the hair to give it a healthier appearance. Instead of being concerned with silicone ingredients, you should be concerned with the TYPE of silicone agents in your hair products.

Here is a list of a few water soluble ‘cones (these don’t require sulfates to wash away):

Cyclomethicone is one of the most commonly used silicones in hair care. It’s a volatile silicone, which means it evaporates and won’t build up on your hair. It gives a silky, smooth feel and leaves the hair with incredible slip when wet and is found in both leave-on and rinse-off products.

Dimethicone Copolyol is a water-soluble, lightweight silicone that provides very little buildup. It is often used in conditioning shampoos.

Amodimethicone (or silicones that have “amo”, “amine” or “amino” in their name) is a different kind of silicone that is chemically modified to stick to your hair better. That means it conditions well but it can also be more challenging to remove. Amodimethicone is commonly used in leave-in conditioners.

As with all products, use what works for you!

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